Jan 29, 2008

2008 Jan 28 ~ NBA Sport Bet

Washington Wizards (H) : Toronto Raptors [+2]
Wizards lost to the Bucks in last game, their are not going so smooth in recent matches, while on the other hand, the Raptors recently played a few good games, So Raptors possibly won this Away game!

Pick: Raptors
Confidence: 3 stars


Indiana Pacers (H) : Detroit Pistons
Pacers are facing Lose Streaks. Piston holds quality players and with good matches result backup.

Pick: Pistons
Confidence: 4 stars


Phoenix Suns (H) [-9] : Atlanta Hawks
Suns won the Bulls last game with 5 win out of 6 games, now they back to the Home Game with Hawks, shouldn't be any problem to extends the wining streak!

Pick: Suns
Confidence: 3 stars


Seattle Supersonics (H) [+7.5] : San Antonio Spurs
Supersonics lost the 14 games, facing the last year champions Spurs...

Pick: Spurs
Confidence: 2 stars

Funniest Football Video

0:50 is real Hilarious !!!

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