Oct 16, 2009

Online Poker

The numbers of people playing poker online constantly grows, as well as the number of online poker sites. But strategy for poker at a whole is still only in its adolescence.

The first thing to understand about online poker is that it's not the same as brick & mortar casino poker. While the rules are generally the same, but the games play differently. The major difference for this is that there is a complete lack of visual tells online. Which means that online players must bet to gain information about their hand. As these type of information is available to casino players from visual clues easily. This imply that there are many more probe bets made online, which in turn leads to probe raises. The end result is that there is generally more action online than you will find in a brick and mortar casino. I’m not saying one is better than the other, or necessarily more or less profitable. They are just different in fundamental ways.

Many of the abilities needed to win in casino poker of course also exist in online poker. You still need good starting cards... you still shouldn't tilt... you still shouldn't play at a level you can't afford, and so on. I'm not going to reinvent the wheel on that stuff.

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