Sep 5, 2009

What Determines the Value of Gold Coins

Ever Wonder the Actual Values of a Gold Medal you've won in a game?

To purchase gold coin, the valued are determined by 4 factors: Quality, Popularity, Grade and Rarity. Sine Gold Coin/ Gold Bullion deserved extra values with collectibles function as compare to Melt Gold.

Quality is refer to the shine, and the color of a coin, quality is a difficult factor to measure the values while purchase gold, because the quality varies while the gold coin is minted at different date with the same method, so it is wise to consider rarity along with quality while purchase gold coin.

Popularity is refer to the circulation of how the gold coin is, the more popular a coin the higher a value it will command.

Grade refer to the condition the coin is in and the amount of wear and tear it shows. Investors will search for "uncirculated" coins which have not seen much movement and are near perfect. Be sure to inspect the coins closely or have them graded by a qualified professional as even the most minor of blemishes can devalue the coin.

Rarity The more rare the coin, the more valuable it is the better the investment.

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