Sep 16, 2009

Extreme Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking is an extreme sports of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain. This sport is challenging the rider's endurance, bike handling skills and self reliance and testing the bikes for durability and performance in rough terrain much alike Rally sport in car.

Mountain Biking are categorized in 4 types: Cross country, Downhill, Free-ride and Trials/Street riding.  The history of mountain bike contributes from "Cyclo-cross" in Europe, the Roughtstuff Fellowship in UK.


Mountain Bike - is different to normal road bicycles as they are smaller, stronger reinforced frame, knobbly, wide and high profile tyres mounted on rim, a larger range of gears, wider flat or upwardly-rising handlebar. Mountain Bikes sometimes come with disc brakes that used in automobiles rather than rim.

Bike Shoes - generally have gripping soles similar to hiking boots for the situation using to scramble over un-ridable obstacles. The shank of shoes is more flexible.