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PokerStars vs. FullTilt

I have been play online poker for 4 years. I don't consider myself as an expert but I am more than novice. For the longest of time I played on PokerStars (PokerStars Download Client) While last September I started playing at FullTilt (FullTilt Download) and I started winning more often!

By the time I played on 2 poker rooms randomly just for fun. I am a low stakes SNG player. I entered in a $5.50 18player SNG in Pokerstars. I won't describe the hands and situations here but i think you will understand as you reading on. 
I got involved on a hand where I am All-in with black KK and my oponent has the red KK. I was lucky and won with 4 to the spade flush. nh. Not long after, I limp and get to see a flop with KQ. Flop comes AQQ. My opponant bets some and I call. Turn is a blank. Again my opponant bets and I call. The river is a K giving me a boat, (Queens full of Kings.) My opponant goes All-in. I call and loose to a "AQ". T_T

Two hands later I call a std raise with pkt 6s. Flop comes JJ6. Oh boy!!! another Fullhouse!!! Turn is a 3, My opponant puts me All-in and I know I am going to double up. I show my Boat and he show pkt 9s. River is a 9 and I am out.

I am quite sure my records on FullTilt is better but I also dont get many Boats let alone get beat by Boat over Boat twice at the same SNG within 10min of each other. It seems to me that there are quite many hands are tailor-made for Hole Cards on PokerStars. (Algorithms)?
I have been beat on FullTilt (Fulltilt poker download referral code) but usually never to blatent BadBeats.

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