Jun 19, 2010

World Cup Sport Betting Guide

From times to times, there is a hot trend while people start betting through trusted online networks instead of local regional sports bet agency. The competitive edge of these networks are they usually offers much better rate than agency for like 10~20%. They also allow a real time betting as the match still going, so professional betters usually will make some refinement bet to secure their winnings or cover their lost!

This is a list of online sports betting review where you can find the recommended betting network.
Football Betting - especially for world cup nowadays, is the hottest topic around the world! There are full of surprised matches in this 2010 World Cup as most of the high ranking teams failed at to win the matches such as Spain 0: 1 Switz game was believed as the most unexpected matches as well as England draw both games while there is supposed not much resistance For England to get the 1st place in Group C.

Here is my guide to the 2010 World Cup:
1. South Africa's extreme environment condition benefits to the team with stronger mental will and physical stamina. Techniques is no longer the major considerations.
2. After 2 rounds of matches, some of the teams may selectively choose their path, as well those teams have attained 3~4 points. For the remaining 3rd round matches, there would not be any unexpected matches as that'd be the last chance for those "traditional good teams" to perform as "usual"
3. About 10% of matches score more than 3 goals.  Keep betting on < 2.5 total goals would be a great tactics
4. Matches over 3 goals always involving Red Cards, betting on real time match for >3 goals as if you see red card issuing on the first half!

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