Sep 23, 2010

7 Football Sports Betting Online Tips

While many sports have gained a strong following in the sports betting community, there is one that has separated itself from the pack. Football is the top choice among sports bettors! Because the excitement from soccer games, unforeseeable results and the turn-over odds rate are the major factors attracted the bettors!

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To know how to bets on Football, here is a list you should understand in prior:

1. Never bet on the amount that you couldn't afford with. There is defacto nothing called 100% sure winners!

2. You should at least know which team and its oppenent you are betting with, don't simply pick the bets based on the return rate and the names you like.

3. "Watch" the match! Many bettors are just betting the game for "gambling", you should know that while you watching the matches, you are actually entertaining yourself as well as gambling, no matter you won or lose your bet, you still entertained yourself!

4. Understand the return rate and the combination of your bets, calculate the overall returns with either one or more of your tickets won and check out the returning! Make sure your bets are not conflicted!

5. Always keeps your betting pot ready, for example you are targeted to play with $100 on the game, just bet on $50 before the match started, and you would be able to bet the remaining $50 during in-game based on the variation (either expand your winnings or cover you loss)

6. Understand what you are betting with, just don;t risk your whole pot of money on a heat team for 1.08 rates. I know it's seems way better than collecting interests from the bank, but you can just wait for another better game for your bet without risking your money with a 8% rate.  I would suggest betting on any single matches with at least 1.6 or more returns!

7. In some specific situation you may choose another betting choice for more advantages: For example you are expecting a Nil-Nil game. You'd bet on "No First Scorer" rather than 0:0 even though the return rate maybe the same, but "Own-Goal" is not classified as first score, so you have slightly advantages over this